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Products & Services – Sunrich Biscuit

Delicious chocolate biscuits sandwiched with a generous layer of creamy chocolate filling.

Sunrich’s Choco Bix is a rich combination and chocolaty goodness with a luscious creamy chocolate filling.

Sunrich’s Choco Bix comes in serving-size portions which satisfies those pangs of hunger with delicious goodness.

Crispy, crunchy and flavorful, Sunrich Crispy Cream Cracker makes for the ideal snack.

Bite down into the warm goodness and the crunch which only our Cream Crackers can provide..

It’s not called the “cream” cracker for nothing! This delectable bite is perfect when sandwiched with butter or jam for that extra richness of flavor.

The lemon cream sandwiched between biscuits adds a zest of flavor to bring you an ultimate classic.

These soft and flaky biscuits with a tangy lemon cream filling is the ultimate classic!

A sensational taste with the tangy sweetness of strawberries together with the buttery goodness of Sunrich biscuits.

This soft biscuit bursting with the wholesome goodness of milk is the perfect on-the-go snack.

Bringing the real flavor and wholesome goodness of milk in the form of this creamy round biscuits.

Made from the creamy goodness of milk, Sunrich Milk Shorties is the perfect tea-time snack for the whole family.

With the goodness of milk, Sunrich Power Crunch will power your way forward.

Boost your energy levels as you crunch on the milky yumminess of Power Crunch.

Rich milk cream filling sandwiched between soft buttery biscuits make for the ultimate treat for kids.

Enjoy our delicious range of milk cream biscuits – Sunrich Milkies.

Combining the much loved flavor by generations, Sunrich Vanilla Munch pack is a flaky sweet cookie that is much loved by kids.

This undeniable favourite is packed with milky goodness and essential vitamins.

Packed with flavor and loaded with spice, Surich Onion Bits is a must-have for every savory lover.  

Spice things up with this hot and spicy savory snack that is a firm favorite with every Sri Lankan.

From rich chocolate biscuit and creamy vanilla ones to flavorful wafers and much more, Sunrich’s Gift Selection brings all your favorite biscuits in one box.

An ideal treat for a family tea-time, Sunrich tea-time assortment brings together a delectable array of soft, buttery chocolate and vanilla biscuits, delicious cream filled biscuits and flaky sugar-sprinkled cookies.